Marc Francoeur of Marc Francoeur Design

Marc Francoeur Design (MFD) was founded by Marc Francoeur in 1999. With a sense of clean line and an immaculate eye for detail, Marc Francoeur Design develops creative solutions and marketing tools for emerging and established businesses.

“I really focus on the mission and purpose of each client, helping them to hone the essence of their mission and how it affects and empowers their client. I listen to and observe the client very closely because it is so important to capture the essence and attitude of what each individual is projecting into the business world and make that the basis of the design for their particular project. I foster and encourage my clients full interaction in the process, after all what we are doing is a creative collaboration.”

MFD’s clients range from international food companies to fresh and inventive Los Angeles based startups. When it is time to manifest a fresh and highly creative and effective marketing scheme, whether it be for print or media, MFD is here to inspire and assist you in creating your vision.

“At the end of the day I am a story teller. I empower you in telling your story in a clear, concise and effective way while presenting it in a beautifully aesthetic fashion,” say Francoeur. “Let’s create something amazing together!”